Maroon 5 Decides To Call Their New Album 'Jordi' For An Emotional Reason

The US group has released the date and cover of their seventh studio album

Great news for Maroon 5 fans . The group is back with a new album, the seventh of their joint career! In this way, the band has revealed this week that it is called JORD I and that it will be released on June 11. Come on, it's just around the corner.

This new album will contain the album Beautiful Mistakes, his latest collaboration with artist Megan Thee Stallion, which has not stopped playing since it came out. In addition, the group has announced that they will be doing a virtual show on June 4 to perform their new songs live. They will do so under the name of UNSTAGED, an event prepared by American Express, and whose entry can be obtained through its official website.

Of course, on this album will also be available the songs of Memories , which fell in love with millions of people throughout 2020, and Nobody's Love . At the moment, the full tracklist has not been revealed. The collaborations that it will have or the themes that there will be are still a mystery.

What does seem to be clear to us is that the flowers are going to play an important role in the visual concept of the album. And the fact is that the cover of the album is full of flowers drawn with a leopard in the middle.


Why is his name Jordi?

Although at first the Spanish fans of the group have been crazy to see that the new Maroon 5 album has a very popular name in Catalonia, the reality is that the boys have decided to name the album Jordi in honor of their former manager: Jordan Feldstein.

The manager, brother of actor Jonah Hill, passed away at age 40 from a pulmonary thromboembolism in 2017. A blood clot blocked an artery in his lungs, killing him.

Jordan or Jordi, as the members of Maroon 5 affectionately called him, was one more and his death shocked the boys. In fact, the song Memories is dedicated to him and at the end of the video you can read “For Jordi”.

Without a doubt, this album is a precious tribute to that person who was with the group for years.

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