Maneskin, The Rise Continues: They Are First In The American Hard Rock Chart

The Maneskin have climbed the hard rock charts of Billboard: now they are first in the American list with their I Wanna Be Your Slave.

The Maneskins never stop. The race to international success for the band that triumphed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 continues. After having climbed first the European rankings, then the always difficult ones in the United Kingdom, the viral ones of Spotify and social networks, now they have also touched up their American records. After breaking into the Billboard Hot 100, they made it all the way to # 1 on the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart .

Maneskin primi in America con I Wanna Be Your Slave

To allow the band to earn this extraordinary success, a record for an Italian group, was the song I Wanna Be Your Slave , a song that went viral immediately after their victory at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The group managed to earn this incredible first place with 2.3 million streams in the United States, a growth of 44% compared to the previous week. The same song also entered the Global Excl chart. US.

Maneskin: I Wanna Be Your Slave overcomes Shut Up and Good

Making it overseas with an English song is much easier. And so, in a few weeks I Wanna Be Your Slave managed to overcome Zitti e buona in the foreign charts , the song that allowed the group launched by X Factor to gain worldwide attention by winning the Sanremo Festival and then the Eurovision . To make I Wanna Be Your Slave go viral , which has not yet been officially launched as a single, it was social media, which quickly spread it in stories and reels. And also the live on TikTok of Damiano's group contributed to making this success without borders more solid.



Chosen 30 November 2017
Chosen 14 December 2017
Morirò Da Re 27 March 2018
Torna A Casa 02 October 2018
Fear For Nobody 19 January 2019
L'altra Dimensione 12 April 2019
Le Parole Lontane 14 September 2019
Le Parole Lontane 21 September 2019
Stato Di Natura 20 March 2020
Zitti E Buoni (Italy, 2021) 17 March 2021
Acoustic Version Of Zitti E Buoni (Italy, 2021) 07 May 2021
Zitti E Buoni (Italy, Semi, 2021) 19 May 2021
Zitti E Buoni (Italy, Winning, 2021) 23 May 2021
Zitti E Buoni (Italy , Final, 2021) 23 May 2021
I Wanna Be Your Slave 04 June 2021
Beggin' 11 June 2021
Beggin' 15 June 2021
Coraline 19 June 2021
Coraline 20 June 2021
Zitti E Buoni 20 June 2021
Beggin' 22 June 2021
Beggin' 08 July 2021
I Wanna Be Your Slave 15 July 2021
I Wanna Be Your Slave 31 July 2021
Beggin' 05 August 2021
I Wanna Be Your Slave 06 August 2021
Mammamia 12 October 2021
Mammamia 15 October 2021

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