Rosalía, the Spanish triple threat

Last year we witnessed how a Spanish singer-songwriter won the admiration of the world of music, both Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon.

What Rosalía achieved last year was unprecedented. Her breakthrough album ‘El Mar Querer’ was acclaimed by the specialized critics and appeared in the most important lists of the best of the year.

The singer had already been warning of her intentions to change the standards of flamenco music, since her debut 'Los Angeles' where she reverted classics of the genre, her powerful voice was the protagonist of that work published in 2017 which was reviewed by magazines such as Pitchfork.

Back in 2016, Rosalía showed a great ability to adapt to the urban genre by featuring in two tracks with the Spanish Rapper C. Tangana. ‘Antes de morirme' was a moderate success in Spain that helped the singer reach a more mainstream audience.


Her incursion in the Latin public came in 2018 from J Balvin in the collaboration 'Brillo'. A theme that united edgy-produced reggaeton with Rosalía's flamenco style. The song was a hit with both artists' fans, as was the Colombian singer's album 'Vibras'. Although a video was not recorded for this track, unlike for 'Antes de morirme', this did not prevent 'Brillo' from becoming very popular.

But Rosalia's career would take a 180-degree turn after the release of her single 'Malamente', with a visual directed by Canada. Both the song and the video were a work of art. Rosalía reinvented icons of Spanish culture such as bullfighters and Holy Week by adding contemporary elements such as motorcycles and skateboards.

And that would only be the beginning of the blazing path to ‘El Mal Querer’. An album that was announced as conceptual, treating about a story of love, mistreatment, and misfortune. Later Rosalía would publish ‘Pienso en tu mirá’ a song where the singer gets into the skin of a telepathic and abusive man.


A little before the publication of the Album, we got to know 'Di mi nombre' with a video inspired by Goya's painting 'La maja desnuda' and the same night of the album's premiere, Rosalía gave a powerful concert where she sang all her new songs and also some songs from her previous work ‘Los Angeles’. The concert was free and streamed by YouTube, the public was thrilled while the singer showed that she not only has a powerful voice but also a great stage presence.

El Mal Querer' was acclaimed by all the major music media, both mainstream and other more eclectic magazines surrendered to Rosalía's feet. A brand-new star was born.

Rosalía performed at the EMA's and Latin Grammys that same year, where she would take two golden gramophones for her single ‘Malamente’.

After the release of her album, Rosalía released two more video clips for the songs 'Bagdag' and 'De aquí no salts'. Both videos live up to what we were used to.



In early January she also collaborated with English producer James Blake on the song 'Barefoot in the park'. Moreover, Rosalía has also been seen in the studio with producers such as Arca, Oneohtrix Point Never and Pharrel, and singer Billie Eilish as well, who will soon release her debut album.

But it seems that there are no limits to Rosalía's talent, she not only sings, dances and writes her songs, but now she will have her debut in the cinema in a new movie of the acclaimed director Pedro Almodovar.

Dolor y Gloria' is the title of the Spanish director's new film that will be released this year, starring Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.


The singer could be seen in one of the scenes of the trailer, where it seems that she will sing with Penelope Cruz, although this may seem like a small curious thing in Rosalía's career, we don't know if this would be the beginning of a new facet as an actress.


/ Popnable Media