Trap Music: Setting The Pace For Men and Women Alike On The Dance Floors

Whether you've been to a music festival among friends or within the confines of a private party in a luxurious setting...

Whether you've been to a music festival among friends or within the confines of a private party in a luxurious setting, you've realized that there's a new groovy, and psychedelic new rhythm that sets everyone dancing to the wildest, and most obscene lyrics has the most stellar production in today's music market. It is an urban musical genre quite popular not only among the youngsters these days, is the perfect mix of Rap, Hip Hop, Electronica, and Dubstep, which resulted in a genre that has already fronted international music festivals, it's called Trap.


What exactly is this new musical genre popular with the masses? First of all, the trap of oneself to the places where drugs are sold, (illegally of course) that gives a more than an obvious idea to many listeners of where the stories told with attitude by the singers of the genre turn. They are stories that reflect the reality of living on the streets, where poverty, drugs, sex, and above all, violence predominates.


Something worth emphasizing regarding Trap is its similarity in more than one aspect to Reggaeton, especially in its origins and boom, now you can not be in a nightclub anywhere without dancing and humming the Trap success of the moment, quite like another contemporary music genre.


Why is that? It is because Trap has much more in common with Rap than anyone would want to admit. Lyrics and instrumentals are always going to achieve so many extremes, that usually means the more ridiculous the better. Rap’s braggadocio falls short of Trap’s ego tripping, which is why many of its lyrics don't enjoy much popularity with the more conservative listeners or Rap purists.


Trap has had a more than notorious receptivity in Latin America with singers like Anuel, Maluma, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and others who have launched singles that are heard on radio stations, Spotify and iTunes. It's impressive that in less than a decade a genre that was only popular initially with a small niche group of U.S. listeners eventually pave the way to an international fan base. With many singles chart-topping among the top rankings of the world.


Another factor that has undoubtedly made it the preferred genre when it comes to Trap being heard more and more at a party or a nightclub is that Trap also has something that Reggaeton lacked until recently, female singers, there have been many female singers who in recent years have made the commercial leap into the Trap genre and have carved out a musical career thanks to it. With it, they have obtained a huge following and it has contributed to Trap having now more diversity, and that makes the genre more palatable for women as well just like with men.



No matter how popular Trap is at the moment, the genre is in a boom that will not stop in the immediate future, but it will continue, with platforms like YouTube giving more exposure to the next big thing in Trap music, it is only a matter of time for one to hear that next track Trap single so faithful to its origins, but modern enough with a display of originality that it will inevitably make you hum, and dance on the dance floor.


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