You’ll Never Guess Which Popular Songs From Venezuela’s Folk Singer Simón Díaz Have Been Covered By Other Singers

For millions of Venezuelans, Simón Díaz represented, represents and will represent what it is to be an authentic Venezuelan...

For millions of Venezuelans, Simón Díaz represented, represents and will represent what it is to be an authentic Venezuelan, an individual of values and virtues who had very clearly in mind that what had to be was to be someone genuine. He was always someone modest and hardworking, the effort in which he worked as a singer came from that.


He was always an individual dedicated to every artistic branch imaginable, he became a comedian, cartoonist, poet, businessman, painter, but his most outstanding facet was that of a singer.


The man himself certainly knew how to left a mark, he released seventy albums, he had seventeen collaboration albums with other fellow musicians and seven musical compilation albums. He is admired not only by his beloved audience but also by musicians from the country and others in other countries. He had an excellent career of almost seventy years.


This article is going to go deep into just ten songs (and believe it is very little) of the songs of this incredible Venezuelan singer and that has been covered by singers both from his country as well as others. It is necessary to remember that all have contributed to spreading the unique musical talent of Simón Díaz with their music covers and below you will know the most outstanding covers that in turn can also be quite unexpected because some of them are not very well known, unlike others in the singer's music catalog.


  1. Devendra Banhart - “Luna De Margarita”

Devendra Banhart has stated in more than one interview how much Simón Diaz's music had affected him to such an extent that he managed to feel a special connection with Venezuela. From there he considers Simón Diaz one of his favorite singers and one that he considers changed his life and formed him musically.


The unique tune that characterizes the song when it was sung by Simón Díaz is not lost in this cover, Devendra Banhart manages to keep it even when he manages to infuse the song when he sings it with his particular Pop style.


  1. Natalia Lafourcade Ft. Gustavo Guerrero - “Tonada de Luna Llena”

Mexican Natalia Lafourcade and Venezuelan guitarist Gustavo Guerrero joined forces to enhance one of Simon Diaz's best-known songs and give it a new musical spin.


The song is more sonically environmental through the singing voice of Lafourcade but without losing its harmonious essence even though a more enigmatic essence predominates through the sound of Guerrero's guitar.


  1. Marie Laforêt - “Tonada del Cabrestero”

The French singer with her more than charming voice manages to stand out above the rhythmic melody of a guitar that sets the tone. This cover stands above all the other ones because of the lovely and sometimes hoarse voice in a few parts of the song of one of France’s most beloved singers.


  1. Julio Iglesias - “Caballo Viejo”

When you hear this cover by one of the best voices in Spain it's hard to let go. The voice is harmonious, inviting, relaxed and seductive. Quite a kaleidoscope of emotions. The best-known cover of this particular song that could perfectly match the original.


  1. Mercedes Sosa - “Sabana”

The original was one of the least known, abroad, not so much in Venezuela. But fellow singer Mercedes Sosa needed to give it its own unique spin to make it known to an even wider audience.


  1. Lena Burke - “Amor Enguayabao”

The Cuban singer enhances with her voice a song of wide emotional range. She not only sings the cover but also plays the piano that sounds in the cover with amazing grace.


  1. Jorge Drexler - “El Loco Juan Carabina”

This Uruguayan singer achieves the unthinkable with his cover, respecting the intentions of the original with a clear identity in the process. An emotional display that makes this song an excellent cover.


  1. Celia Cruz Feat. La Sonora Matancera - “La Vaca Mariposa”

The singer Celia Cruz and her group knew how to put flavor to this cover, nobody can resist a good dance with this one. Everything flows perfectly in a cover that would do the original justice. How appropriate it is that it has celebratory lyrics.


  1. Desorden Público - “El Cable”

The song in its lyrics makes interesting observations on such a complicated subject as poverty. The incredible thing is that it does it in a comical way, the musical group in charge of this cover manages to infuse to the cover with a Ska flair that was not present in the original but that suits the lyrics.


  1. C4 Trio Ft. Oscar D’León – "El Negro y El Catire"

A lyric of much distress present in the original song but in this cover, everything is reinforced at high emotional levels. The singer and the group don't keep anything inside themselves, they liberate everything and the listener will be at awe when listening to them.




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