The Hottest Italian Artists of 2019 to Look Out For

With 2019 finally here it is time to lookout for the possible new hottest Italian artists that may be coming your way and take the charts by storm.


Although the start of the year often implies that fresh and modern artists may dominate, many youths and older generations still enjoy listening to classic Italian songs from the “musica leggera” genre (which translated literally into “light music”). Cesare Battisti and Lucio Dalla are still very much listened to and cherished by Italians and many artists considered to be old school are still successfully charting the Italian charts. For example, Loredana Bertè is currently charting at #17 in the Italians Singles Chart with “Cosa Ti Aspetti Da Me” (“What Do You Expect From Me?”).



Another highly popular and requested artist, who has also worked around the world, is Jovanotti who has delighted fans since the late 1980s with hits such as “Give Me Five” and “Ciao Mamma” (“Hi Mum”). The artist is currently in the charts with a collaboration with the emerging talents Calcutta, Tommaso Paradiso and Takagi & Ketra. The song, “La Luna E La Gatta” (“The Moon and The Cat”) is charting at #10 as is currently a new entry.


There are also other modern interpretations of the musica leggera genre with artists such as Ultimo and Irama with their singles “I Tuoi Particolari” (“Your Details”) and “La Ragazza Con Il Cuore Di Latta” (“The Girl With The Heart Of Tin”), charting at #4 and #9.

However, there are other genres that have also gained popularity over time in Italian society such as hip hop, reggae, reggaeton and trap.



The current reigning artist in the charts is current Sanremo winner Mahmood with his trap single “Soldi”, with his album “Gioventù Bruciata” (“Burnt Youth”) at #2 in the charts. The artist will be also performing his hit song at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel in mid-May. Other popular trap artists in the Italian scene who also very popular on Youtube are Dark Polo Gang, Sfera Ebbasta and Young Signorino.

There is also a significant following rock n’ roll with bands such as Maneskin, that reached notoriety by reaching second place in the Italian X Factor, and artists such as Piero Pelù and Vasco Rossi, the latter which broke the world record in 2017 for having the largest attendance at a concert.


However, one of the hottest artists to look out for, especially for the summer, is Lamborghini heiress Elettra Lamborghini. Her single “Pem Pem” broke the internet and reached #6 in the Italian charts. Although performed in Spanish, Elettra still managed to captivate her audience and is expected to perform again successfully this year. She has worked with highly popular Italian rappers Gué Pequeno and Sfera Ebbasta, who are also artists to look out for in 2019.

The young heiress, moreover, is busy making a name for herself in the Spanish speaking world, namely Spain, by partaking in the reality “Super Shore” where she delighted the audience with her bubbly personality. Currently, she is dating the Dutch DJ Afrojack.


Watch out for these names as they are or might make an appearance and dominate the charts!



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