BTS Announce Their New Song 'Butter' In The Most Original Way

BTS fans are in luck. Your favorite artists just announced the release of new music ... and that's always good news!


The K-Pop band is gearing up for the premiere of Butter on May 21, which will become their second English single after the hit Dynamite . According to Korean columnist Jae-Ha Kim, it will be a dance / pop rhythm hit that will not leave anyone indifferent. But that is not all.

In addition to the news of its release in mid-May, what has also aroused the curiosity of its fans is the way it has been announced. They have done it with an hour-long YouTube video in which a piece of butter appeared melting little by little.

This news has revolutionized the fans of the band. So much so that the video has exceeded 11 million views in just a few hours. There are no impossible records for BTS!

As we mentioned in previous lines, Butter will see the light as a successor to Dynamite, the theme that has triumphed on digital platforms around the world. So much so that it made it to the top of the LOS40 List twice.

Now we just have to wait to know if this new release will exceed the success of the previous song, although we would not be surprised if it happened taking into account that our protagonists exceed each other more and more. What is clear is that they intend to continue conquering the Anglo-Saxon music market.

Another piece of news that has drawn the attention of the entire ARMY army lately is that of the enlistment of the group's members to comply with compulsory military service. They can put it off until 30, but Jin, the oldest, will turn 29 by the end of this, so they don't have much time left. Of course, his agency has preferred not to speak out about it.

The important thing is that new music from BTS is coming, and it is coming soon.

Bts (Bangtan Boys)

Young Forever 20 April 2016
Fire 04 May 2016
Butterfly 18 August 2016
It's Definitely You 05 January 2017
Spring Day 13 February 2017
Not Today 20 February 2017
Blood, Sweat, Tears 10 May 2017
Come Back Home 06 July 2017
Come Back Home 06 July 2017
Love Yourself Highlight Reel 20 August 2017
Dna 19 September 2017
Serendipity 21 October 2017
Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) 25 November 2017
Mic Drop 25 November 2017
Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) 28 November 2017
Dna (D2N Remix) 04 March 2018
Blood Sweat & Tears 05 May 2018
Fake Love 19 May 2018
The Truth Untold (Gidexen Remix) 08 July 2018
Idol 25 August 2018
Idol 07 September 2018
Waste It On Me 26 October 2018
Airplane Pt.2 07 November 2018
Waste It On Me 20 November 2018
Boy With Luv 13 April 2019
Boy With Luv 27 April 2019
Lights 03 July 2019
Love Myself 30 July 2019
Love Myself 06 August 2019
Ma City 24 August 2019
Lost 13 September 2019
We On 28 September 2019
I'm Fine 12 October 2019
Make It Right 18 October 2019
Make It Right 19 October 2019
I Need U 29 April 2015
Boy In Luv 11 February 2014
Go 21 October 2019
Make It Right (Remix) 21 October 2019
Make It Right 23 October 2019
Make It Right 25 October 2019
Make It Right 26 October 2019
Corda Bamba 22 February 2020
Ugh! 22 February 2020
On 28 February 2020
Black Swan 05 March 2020
Who 07 March 2020
Sweet Night 14 March 2020
Stay Gold 27 June 2020
War Of Hormone 22 October 2014
Blood Sweat & Tears 12 July 2020

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