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Noize MC, the Russian rap artist Ivan Alexeev, known by his stage name, reflects on his life after leaving Russia. In an interview with literary critic Galina Yuzefovich, he discusses his longing for loved ones left behind and the challenges he faced as a

Russian rap artist Ivan Alexeev, better known by his stage name Noize MC, recently opened up about his life after leaving Russia. In an interview with literary critic Galina Yuzefovich, available on YouTube, he discussed his experiences and emotions following his departure from the country. Noize MC expressed his longing for his loved ones who remained in Russia, acknowledging that he won't be able to see them in the near future. "I miss the people, those whom I can't meet. As for the places, somehow I don't," the musician confessed. The artist also shared his belief that relocating abroad was the right decision for him. He felt that after being labeled a foreign agent by the Ministry of Justice, he would have faced difficulties continuing his creative work in Russia. Noize MC further recalled his limited concert opportunities. Out of the thirty shows planned for the autumn of 2021, he was only able to perform at four small clubs, as he was denied access to major state venues. In November of last year, the Russian Ministry of Justice officially designated Ivan Alexeev as a foreign agent. One of the reasons cited for this decision was his involvement in political activities, with Ukraine mentioned as a foreign source in the information provided. In May 2023, a case was opened against Noize MC for the absence of labeling as a foreign agent. Prior to this, Russian singer Alexander Buinov revealed that he managed to maintain his friendship with Alla Pugacheva after her move to Israel in the autumn of last year.

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