What to Love and Hate About Reggaeton?

It is inevitable that we all have musical tastes that are different from others, but in recent times a musical genre has emerged that has made thousands...

It is inevitable that we all have musical tastes that are different from others, but in recent times a musical genre has emerged that has made thousands, perhaps even millions of people around the world dance, alone or in pairs, have decided to dance the frenetic and pulsating rhythm of the rhythms of a Latin music genre that has detractors and fans alike, which genre are we talking about? Well, that genre is Reggaeton.


It is incredible that a musical genre with no more than fifteen years of history and that seems to continue in the near future to continue acquiring more notoriety and boom among listeners, but that does not mean that everyone likes it, and there are voices that cry out for their censorship and reproach as well as others that acclaim it for its rhythm and musical harmony. It is convenient to ask oneself then: What to Love and Hate About Reggaeton?


The Reggaeton has its good stuff, as every gender lover will tell you. It is a passion for many of its listeners, has in its favor the three most essential elements that can boast a song: melody, harmony, and rhythm.


You also have in your favor that you have a melody that invites more than one of you to dance, letting yourself be carried to the rhythm of a catchy melody.


It also has some more than remarkable medical benefits, (as incredible as it may seem) can be a real antidote against stress, Reggaeton dancing can relax and release endorphins just by performing the single act of dancing. At the end of a good dance session, you will be entirely happy and free.


As for the bad thing, then, the lyrics of a large number of Reggaeton songs are always the object of hatred of many detractors of those who are against the genre because of its sexist and misogynist content, and leaving aside those very questionable aspects must be added in addition to predominate also excessively obscene lyrics.


The detractors also see with very bad eyes that the genre is already oversaturated, every singer wants to grab his piece of cake so to speak, and get immediate commercial success. Many detractors go so far as to joke that Reggaeton is going to suffer a fate similar to that suffered by the already buried musical genre Disco.



At the end it is vital to emphasize those good things or bad things, do not deny the influence that exerts at the time of Reggaeton and whether it implodes or continues to achieve even more success, it is important to emphasize that what matters is what you think about it, what do you think of Reggaeton?


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