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Taylor Swift cancels concert in Rio de Janeiro after a fan tragically dies from a cardiac arrest. The extreme heat wave and controversy surrounding the show's organizing company add to the cancellation. Read more about the incident and the action plan imp

The American singer Taylor Swift has canceled her concert in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night after a fan died on Friday from a cardiac arrest before the artist's performance. Additionally, the extreme heat wave hitting the area of Brazil was another reason for the cancellation.

In a handwritten note, Swift explained that the risks were too high for the show to go on and shared her decision with her fans. 'I am writing this from my dressing room at the stadium. The decision to postpone tonight's show was made due to the extreme temperatures in Rio,' she wrote in a note shared on Instagram. 'The safety and well-being of my fans, fellow artists, and crew have to be and will always be the priority.' The concert scheduled for Sunday is still on, but it will be delayed by an hour to avoid the hottest moments. The Saturday concert has been rescheduled for Monday, and organizers have asked the audience not to arrive too early to prevent heat strokes.

During the concert, firefighters were seen spraying fans with water while they waited for the doors to open for Saturday's show.

The young fan, Ana Clara Benevides, fainted on Friday during the spectacle and later died from a presumed cardiac arrest. The region is experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, with daily highs exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

There has also been a strong controversy in Brazil as the show's organizing company, Time For Fun (T4F), prohibited concertgoers from bringing water. Swift herself had to stop the concert to ask for water to be given to the overheated audience. T4F was also accused of closing the stadium doors to improve acoustics, turning the venue into a pressure cooker with suffocating temperatures and no water.

In response to these criticisms, the company announced an action plan: 'Considering the forecast of an increase in the heatwave in the city of Rio de Janeiro, we inform you that we are reinforcing the special action plan implemented for the first day of the show, especially the provision of free water in queues and at all entrances and exits of the stadium and inside,' they said. 'During the event, new points of free water distribution will be available to the public. It will also be allowed to enter the stadium with sealed water cups and sealed processed food, with no limitation on items per person,' they added. The service staff will also be reinforced with an additional 200 employees, in addition to the 1,230 already working at the event. The medical care structure has also been strengthened, with a total of eight medical stations, eight ambulances, and eight mobile ICUs,' they concluded.

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