Is Micro TDH the new promise of Venezuelan Hip Hop?

Venezuelan urban music scene is rich and colorful. Every now and then, an artist manages to emerge from the local stages and explode into the global market.

One of the most recent examples of this phenomenon it’s the singer and producer Danny Ocean, who took the world by storm with his debut single ‘Me Rehúso” in 2017. Now, we cannot help but wonder who will be the next big break out an artist to emerge from the Caribbean country. Micro TDH, a hip-hop prodigy, seems to be the next big thing. Working tirelessly on his craft since he was a little boy, he seems to be on the edge of becoming the new face of Venezuelan urban music in the global market.

Micro TDH, whose real name is Fernando Daniel Morillo Rivas, is a singer, composer, and musician who combines the genres of rap, hip hop and reggae in his music. He was born on April 14 in 1999 in the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, but he was raised on Merida, a lovely city in the western region of the country. According to his parents, since he was very little he showcased his affinity for the music: at just the age of four, he had his first approximations to show business, being part of traditional Christmas jingles on the town’s radio station. Later down the road, he would be part of different music festivals in the city, showcasing his musical abilities.

It was at the age of 11, at the very beginning of his teenage years, that rap caught his attention. He started to explore the genre and he debuted as a freestyler on the streets of the town that watch him grow up. He also participated in numerous freestyle competitions, polishing his technique.

His talent allowed him to stand out from the crowd: the lyrical content of his bars allowed him to surprise the aficionados of the genre, and sooner than later he was already taking trips to compete in other states of the Caribbean country, testing and showcasing his abilities outside the little city where he grew up. The Dog House, an underground record label, rapidly took notice of his talent and gave him a chance to record the first project under the label. He released ‘The Dog House Mixtape Vol. 1’, a collection of 8 tracks that featured collaborations from other members of the house.

After that first mixtape, he released his first full-length album on 2015. The project, called ‘Sin Coro’ includes 11 tracks. He brings NK Profeta, a big name on Venezuelan urban scene, for the song “Una Bomba Detona”. ‘Sin Coro’ was acclaimed amongst the followers of the genre, and helped him gather some on the fans that still support him to this day.

Not long after, he would return with a collaborative EP, this time with Delirio SSC, another underground artist. The little project included four tracks in a dialogue between Micro TDH and Delirio. The piece was called ‘Delirios Del Mic’ and was released on February 2016. Only two months later he released his second full-length album, called ‘18/04’ in honor to its release date. In this new project, he jumped out of the box as a rapper and showcased his singing abilities. He also explored with new sounds in the instrumentations and a more mature sound: undoubtedly ‘18/04’ marked a turning point on his career, with a more professional and less underground approach to the music. This album included 17 tracks with numerous collaborations.

After the release of these two projects, Micro TDH garnered the attention of one of Venezuela’s biggest names on urban music: Neutro Shorty. The rap eminence, founder of the label ‘Los Vatos Inc’ decided to support Micro as one of the promises of the urban genre. Under his wing, Micro would have the opportunity to continue to develop his artistry. On that same year, he was also named Best New Artist on the ‘Union Rock Show Awards’ in Caracas, Venezuela.

In 2017, after such an amazing year, Micro released his third studio album named ‘Inefable’. This project showcased a brand new sound, with lyrics that revealed a deep evolution of his professionalism and his craft. The record included 15 tracks, being the most popular ones ‘Felicidad Inefable’, ‘Sin Rumbo Fijo’, ‘Me Conozco’, ‘Cafuné’ and ‘Entra’, a collaboration with his new mentor Neutro Shorty.

The song ‘Cafuné’ was awarded as Best Hip Song on the Pepsi Music Awards of 2017. On that same night, Micro TDH was named ‘Most Refreshing Artist’. From this point, what has come it’s a total take over: numerous remixes and even a clothing line, Micro TDH has established himself as a big name on Venezuela’s urban music scene.

Micro TDH’s first international feature it’s alongside Colombian group Piso 21. The song called ‘Te Vi’ was released in 2018 and it has grown and grown on the charts ever since. The single has achieved more than 50 million views on YouTube, and it landed on the top ten most played songs on Apple Music and Spotify. Are we witnessing the rise of the next urban Venezuelan superstar? It may be too soon to say, but if Micro plays his cards right, we might take the title.


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