The Latest Venezuelan Front Acts That Are Raising Their Voices To The Whole World

Venezuela is in a deep crisis, that cannot be denied, and because of it many of its inhabitants have emigrated...

Venezuela is in a deep crisis, that cannot be denied, and because of it many of its inhabitants have emigrated, and those that emigrate in their majority come from the most diverse social status, such as engineers, architects, doctors, and even musicians have left the country to look for a better life and thus to enjoy success that is no longer guaranteed to them in the country.


As far as musicians are concerned, the crisis has contributed that many music bands decide to try their luck in other countries, in this article we are going to detail the front acts that are worthy of your attention, and that are giving the world something to talk about as far as the musical field is concerned.


Last Builders of Empire

A Venezuelan group whose members are now living in the United States, the group was founded by Daniel Mandino, they started as a band while living in the city of Boston. They have launched three albums already with more than enough success and some remarkable critical receptivity.


Their music could be categorized as Post-Rock, Shoegaze, and they do nothing more but experiment with all kinds of sonic qualities.


Los Pájaros

The story begins when two people, Juan Escalona, and Alejandro Hernandez met in their native country Venezuela and decided to form the group D´Eras, they managed to stand out in the Venezuelan music scene, they later went to several music festivals and ended up separating soon after.


All because the members ended up emigrating from the country, at the end they emigrated to Chile, it turns out that all emigrated to the same city (Santiago de Chile) and decided to reunite once more as a band. They proposed to record an EP, where harmonious melodies predominate and a unique sound where the Dream Pop musical genre predominates.


Much is expected of this group in the future, maybe their first studio album.


The Moon Caravan

They are a duo, they ended up meeting and establishing some sort of talk after having met in a concert in Miami, Florida, it turns out that both were originally from different cities in their country of origin, Venezuela but they shared the same musical interests.


They decided to join as a duo and ended up releasing an EP that has kept many fascinated and interested in the next thing they are going to release, most likely a studio album or some second EP.


Ginger Roots and the Protectors

The members are all currently in the United States, and one of its members Albert Hurtado is of Venezuelan origin, the band plays Reggae infused songs, they have already released a very favorably received first album, and there is confirmation that there will be a second to be released soon.


Tonto Malembe

A group made up of three Venezuelans, a South African and an Englishman, they all currently live in the UK, they sing to their credit deeply political songs in the same vein as other groups like Rage Against The Machine and System Of A Down who did not hesitate to sing about political events.


The genres in which they can be categorized are Psychedelic Rock, Funk, and Tropicalia, it is hoped that soon they will release their first studio album.


La Gallera Social Club

Fellow venezuelans Alexis and Miguel Romero, originally from the city of Maracaibo (both currently living in France) decided to join forces as an unstoppable musical duo. Some time ago they released their first studio album, which was well received.


They managed in the album to channel diverse musical influences such as Electronic music, with musical genres fairly typical from Venezuela such as Joropo and Cumbia, where one can clearly hear the drums infused with some Psychedelic Rock.


Laps Around The Sun

A group led by a Venezuelan, his name is Leonardo Pérez, he currently resides in Russia along with the other members of the group. His songs contain a sound mixing where the influence of musical genres such as Post-Rock, Noise Rock, and even Progressive Rock predominates.


They have released three studio albums so far, and they don't show signs of stopping.



A trio formed by Venezuelans, Leonor Falcón, (violin) Juanma Trujillo, (guitar) and Arturo García (drums) live in the United States, specifically New York, the intrinsic genre of the group is Jazz, and experiment with all kinds of sonic possibilities for the delight of their listeners.


They have only released one EP, they are likely to release more record material in the future, but they are a constant presence at Jazz music festivals.



A Rock group made up mostly of Venezuelans and a couple of Canadians, stand out in the Canadian music scene where they reside playing Rock with light influences of Ska, (The Clash would be proud) they have launched three albums of varying durations each and have been recognized by the critics and the listening public.




A Reggae band led by Venezuelan Nani Goncalves, their songs have fusions of classic and modern musical genres.


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