From influencer to pop star: Lele Pons is ready to take over the world

The Venezuelan influencer, Lele Pons, got off to a good start this year.

After glowing at the 61st edition of The Grammy Awards, where she performed the opening show alongside with the singer Camila Cabello.

Known as the biggest Vine celebrity of all times, she is now jumping into the music industry. She has been giving us a bit of a glance of what she wants to show us she is capable of. Her first song and music video released in 2018 featuring Matt Hunter named ‘’Dicen’’ which hit 10 million views in only 4 days, today is about to reach 184 million views.


In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said: ‘’I started with my friends and I was bad, at first I was just very creative, it was not even funny." But as her fan base kept growing she said: ‘’It got to the point where many people depended on me to make them... just so they could laugh."

Vine was only the beginning. After this Vine Star started rising, she decided not to just be a social media influencer; but also a YouTuber, writer, actor, model, dancer, TV host and of course singer.

She published her first book titled ‘’Surviving High School’’ which she co-wrote with Melissa De La Cruz. In the novel, she tells the story about being an immigrant in The USA and her experience with bullying.


Has over 14 million subscribers in Youtube where she posts her comedy sketches that surpass over billions of views, produced by Shots Studios. That without mentioning the over 33 million followers she has on Instagram and more than 20 millions on Facebook and Twitter together.


She has appeared in movies such as ‘’We Love You’’ available in Youtube Red and ‘’Airplane Mode’’ co-written by one of her friends Logan Paul. She has also been judging in beauty pageants like Miss USA and Miss Universe 2017.


This internet star has also starred music videos of great artists like:

              - ‘’She’s Out Of Her Mind’’ by Blink 182.

              - ‘’Havana’’ by Camila Cabello.

              - ‘’Summer’’ by Marshmello.

              - ‘’Downtown’’ by Anitta and J Balvin.


Finding success in all her projects she drops ‘’Celoso’’ produced by the also creator Rudy Mancuso. The song received 3 Platinum certifications and a nomination to the ‘’Lo Nuestro’’ awards.


Despite her shortage, Lele Pons is already considered a socialite and as one of the most representative figures in social media. Her Instagram Stories usually hit a greater number of views, surpassing celebrities like Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kim Kardashian.


In 2018 Pons dropped the single ‘’Teléfono’’, remix by BTS, in collaboration with the Spanish singer Aitana. They were together at the 19th Annual Latin Grammys performing Lele’s song ‘’Celoso’’.


In February of 2019, she premiered her new single "Bloqueo" with the singer Fuego to tell the story of a modern relationship on this social networks era.



Every influencer is looking up to catch up to her level. The internet is turning into the platform of choice for many artists nowadays. With her determination and passion, we are sure that the future of Lele Pons’s career is promising, and she’s coming for more.


/ Popnable Media
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