Top 5 Best Romantic Britpop Songs To Listen To On A First Date

Are you a single lesbian seeking a partner for long-term relationships? Why not try online dating?

Why not try online dating? Digital matching services have become extremely popular with the lesbian community, and are perfect for meeting girls on your wavelength. A lesbian dating site will point you in the direction of compatible women, providing a secure platform for flirting, developing a rapport, and planning your first date. As you are building chemistry, you could chat about a likely soundtrack for your rendezvous. How about some Britpop classics? Here are five of our most recommended.


Ash – Girl from Mars


Confusingly, Irish rockers Ash released their debut album in 1977 in 1996. Its title referenced the year two of its members were born, the heyday of punk bands like The Clash and the Sex Pistols, and also the release of Star Wars. Written when lead singer Tim Wheeler was 16, the band’s first Top of the Pops performance coming two weeks after his school A-levels, this was the second single taken from 1977. The catchy love song encapsulates all the elements that propelled Ash to success – hooks, punk rock guitars, dreamy teenage romance, and a fixation with the prominent position of science fiction in pop culture. It’s also perfect for a first date.


The Zutons – Valerie


Liverpool band The Zutons rode the crest of a successful wave in Britpop’s later years in the early Noughties. When interviewed about this hit single, vocalist Dave McCabe admitted to its prosaic origins. Rather than being inspired by gazing over the River Mersey or passing the childhood home of one of the Beatles, it was about an American friend arrested for drunk driving. This postcard offering support to friend-in-need was also famously covered by Mark Ronson, with the late, great Amy Winehouse supplying the vocals in her inimitable style. Regardless of its lyrical content, ‘Valerie’ is a wonderful toe-tapper to get your date off to a flying start.


Space – Female of the Species


Another Liverpudlian band, Space were initially lumped in with the emerging Britpop scene in the 1990s, indebted as they were to the traditional English rock bands often cited as influences, like The Who, The Kinks and the Small Faces. But there was always far more to them, and their musical output involved an eclectic cocktail covering everything from psychedelia to ska, post-punk to techno. This single, taken from their debut album Spiders, rocketed to number 14 in the charts, earning a silver certificate from the British Phonographic Industry. The chorus puts it so succinctly: “How can heaven hold a place for me when a girl like you has cast her spell on me?”


Blur – Tender


Although Blur were formed in 1988 in London, they displayed a lot of common traits with the so-called Madchester scene that was emerging much further north. But after a change of image and direction, paying homage to fellow southerners The Kinks and XTC, they became figureheads of the Britpop scene, going to head with Manchester’s Oasis for the number one spot in the British charts in 1995. ‘Tender’ is a more pensive number, and although singer Damon Albarn penned the song after a breakup, its gospel influences and uplifting vibe make it an excellent choice for any date playlist.


Pulp – Something Changed


Sheffield’s Pulp date back to 1978, but their finest moments coincided with the Britpop scene almost two decades later. Singer Jarvis Cocker, known for the ‘kitchen sink drama,’ aspect of his writing, shows his romantic side: “Do you believe that there’s someone up above? And does he have a timetable directing acts of love?”



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